About us

A global linguistic team that helps you to use all the power of LANGUAGE to represent your business to an international audience.


About us

A global linguistic team that helps you to use all the power of LANGUAGE to represent your business to an international audience.



We are a young and rapidly growing team that translates into more than 100 language combinations and 40 areas of specialization.

To ensure high quality translations and short deadlines, we have combined human creativity with modern technology.

We are proud to be one of the leading companies for timely payments and PM professionality.

We don't believe in language barriers, we believe in language opportunities.

In a world where you receive gigabytes of information every day, there is only one chance to make the right impression. According to statistics, nearly 50% of the world's population buy products and services on websites in English, while the other part uses services only in their native language. Companies that provide their services in different languages ​​reach a larger audience, create more assurance and, as a result, earn much more.

The success of the project depends on how you communicate with your audience, clients, foreign partners, and investors. Provision of services in the client's native language, creation of multilingual glossaries, the correct translation of content, advertisements, presentations, and important documents is a fundamental step for entering the international market and expanding your business.

Our team helps to create a linguistic brand identity, to convey the idea of ​​the project correctly so that your message is conveyed to every corner of the planet. Our experts conduct analytics to create an accurate image for the company and effective content for maximum coverage of the target audience.



• We are always close to reach. Easy ordering anywhere in the world.

• Individual approach. Your order is always led by a personal manager, ready to answer any questions you may have at any moment.

• Reasonable prices. We do our work strictly adhering to international standards. Affordable prices are the result of a large volume of orders.

• Privacy. We follow confidencial information regulations. Your documents are always protected.

• And, of course, our employees enjoy their work. Thanks to this, the quality of translations is always on top.



Management of translation projects in all areas of activity. With our ever-growing network of over 1000 professional translators worldwide. Our mission is to find the right translator for you.


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E-mail: team@screapt.com

Phone: +370 65853289

Address: Technopolis Delta, J. Balčikonio street 9, Vilnius 08200, Lithuania