Translation and editing

Translation and editing

Fast and high-quality translation of texts of any complexity (documents, instructions, presentations, guides), including technical translation and review by a professional proofreader.

Our goal is not just to translate the text, but to make it stylistically and contextually interesting
for the reader. Our main goal is to put together the idea, the concept, cultural and stylistic
aspects and bring it into the target language. To achieve this goal, we collaborate with native
speakers, professionals in specific industries, perform editing and proofreading on the
completed text.

With the help of CAT tools and advanced translation technologies, we will provide services in
full compliance with the glossaries and dictionaries of customers. Do not have a glossary? No
worries! Our language leads, who are also subject matter experts for their specialization, will
help to define the necessary terms and the best translations for them in the target language.

We also will check the document for grammatical, punctuation, stylistic errors and improve the
quality of the text. Be sure that your message will be delivered accurately.

We translate documents into almost any language. Please make a request and our manager
will help you within minutes.

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Address: Technopolis Delta, J. Balčikonio street 9, Vilnius 08200, Lithuania